About Lucy Cavendish College

Lucy Cavendish is  a strong, ambitious, inclusive community working hard to benefit the world. The College aims to provide the best of Cambridge’s education and research to all students.

Lucy Cavendish’s Mission

Lucy Cavendish College’s mission is to attract, support and unlock the potential of students from non-traditional and underrepresented backgrounds who are driven by a desire to make a difference and who are committed to having a positive and lasting impact on society.

Lucy Cavendish’s Ethos – in the words of its students, staff, and researchers

  • “Inclusive”, “Friendly”, “Supportive”. 
  • “Global”, “Dynamic”, “Transformative”. 
  • “Outward-facing”, “Impactful”, “Inspiring”.

Lucy Cavendish’s Admissions Policy

The College is proud to take a bold stance on widening participation in admissions, and has three specific targets:

1. To admit a majority of our students from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds

2. To have a student population that is representative of UK society by 2025

3. To increase our number of international students from underrepresented countries

For academically outstanding students seeking an unrivaled education and a community that reflects modern society, Lucy Cavendish offers a unique environment in the heart of the historic university that all can truly call home.

Our Global community

Lucy Cavendish College is a truly global student community and international students make up a significant proportion of our student population. Its world map shows the countries from where Lucy students come from or originate.

For more information about the College, undergraduate, postgraduate and adult learning at Cambridge, and how to apply, click here.